Welcome to your Career Resource Centre, a place where you can complete your picture of what it’s like to be an Authorized Xerox Sales Agent. After all, you can never be too well informed.


You’ve already heard about being an Authorized Xerox Sales Agent from some of our employees across the country. But we thought you might appreciate some insight into what we think makes for a great future – and a great career – with Xerox Authorized Sales Agencies.

Be principled and be honest. There is no better foundation for building strong and longstanding business and personal relationships.

This is your journey. Embrace it. A career is something you carry with you throughout your life. It’s a continuous discovery and helps define who you are both personally and professionally. Make sure you enjoy it!

Ask. Listen. Learn.

You are going to be surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the business. Like you, they all started somewhere and they’re eager to share. So don’t shy away from asking, listening and learning.

Mistakes happen.

We all make them and when we do, we know it’s not fun. But mistakes are part of learning and growing. So while you won’t enjoy them, make them work to your advantage and use them to become a better person.

Do the Right Thing.

Whether in your career or personal life, when you “do the right thing” you’re making the world a better place in which to live and work.


Not all of the new Authorized Xerox Sales Agents are current or recent graduates. A number of our new hires have a significant work history in areas as diverse as business operations, finance and accounting, marketing and sales.

So, if you’re looking for a career change, and have previous business experience, please feel free to contact


For over 20 years, Xerox has sold products and solutions through independent local businesses. Collectively, these businesses make up the Xerox Authorized Agent Program, and they operate in over 70 locations throughout Canada.  Our priority is to ensure that an independent Xerox Agency creates real, added value for our customers. We do that by delivering customer-centric solutions together, generating incremental sales opportunities, discovering additional revenue streams, and creating opportunities for greater success.  As a Xerox Authorized Sales Agent you’ll work with an independent Xerox Agency that has the power and resources of Xerox behind it and the industry’s leading portfolio of office products and solutions.

When you submit your resume and cover letter, your information comes to us through our applicant tracking system, a technology that allows us to securely store your information and respond to your submission. While we’re committed to moving quickly through the hiring process, it usually takes a week to ten days to review resumes and begin the interview process. That process may include an initial conversation on the telephone followed by face-to-face interviews.

This often depends on the number of people applying for the positions and the logistics of setting up telephone and in person interviews. Our team works closely with the agencies throughout Canada to ensure the process moves as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Each agency is a little different, as is their onboarding process. That said, the goal is always to ensure that you have all the required support necessary to facilitate a smooth transition to the local team. Our goal is to ensure that you are conversant with, among other things: your local market and team; the full suite of Xerox business solutions; the business support you will receive from Xerox Canada; and our training and development resources.

Actually, even though the titles are different the roles are all the same. The differences in title are really a reflection of the local markets in which each agency operates and the expectations of the customers they serve.

Sales is the type of role where you get out of it what you put into it, so it’s important to have confidence and work hard to achieve. When considering a career in sales it’s important to look for a company that stands by their products and services, support their sales team with training and rewards and have a strong business model that will help you be successful. That’s what you’ll find with the Xerox Sales Agent program.

New grads or those that are new to Business-to-Business (B2B) sales can expect there will be a learning curve in the role. It takes time to develop the confidence, time management skills and product knowledge to be successful. You need to be ready to learn, open to feedback, and have the willingness to embrace new ideas and strategies. We will provide all the resources for you to be successful in this role.

Our sales training teaches you the skills you need to develop relationships, listen to individual and corporate needs, as well as find and deliver business solutions. The skills you learn with your customers and in building relationships will stay with you throughout the rest of your career and help you in any other role you pursue.


We offer careers throughout Canada for those who value the challenge and opportunity of working for an independent business that is supported by a truly global leader.