Who best to tell the story of being an Authorized Xerox Sales Agent than people who’ve embraced the opportunity and begun an exciting career journey. Real stories. Real people. A truly unique career.


When you work with an independent Xerox Sales Agency, you can feel the energy and enthusiasm that comes from teamwork! And as much as we can count on each other for help and guidance, we also have the opportunity to be leaders and take the initiative! What fascinates me most in my day-to-day work is the opportunity to work with companies from all areas of business! We learn so much just by listening to customers talk about their business realities and then, as consultants, bringing them the right document management solutions.


The team atmosphere really sets this job apart from all others I’ve had. Everyone wants everyone to succeed and is willing to help out in whatever way they can. And no two days are the same which keeps things fresh and exciting. You get to be a part of every stage of a sale and can really figure out what you like and what’s crucial for your future.


Working for a Xerox Sales Agency has been immense for the development of my business acumen post-graduation. The variety of work in this role has allowed me
to leverage the many concepts I learned during my undergraduate program and develop new skills and experiences that are unavailable to many new graduates in the City of Edmonton. Overall, this role is ideal for anyone looking to sharpen their sales, marketing, finance and accounting skills.


I like working for a Xerox Agency because every day is different and it’s always a challenge. They offer great training and a positive work environment.


There is so much support here that you never feel like you’re alone with any aspect of the job. You also have the opportunity to work independently and meet your personal and company goals. Maybe the best part is that this isn’t just a routine job where you sit behind a desk. You’re out with customers, understanding their businesses and supporting them with solutions.


While working for an independent Xerox Agency I’ve learned that there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. I’ve experienced a constant progression forward with ongoing motivation and support.


We offer careers throughout Canada for those who value the challenge and opportunity of working for an independent business that is supported by a truly global leader.