Learning & Development

The first step towards creating success in your new role is building a foundation of expertise.

Supportive Learning Environment

There’s a lot to learn and you will be fully supported along the way through a rigorous training plan that engages all styles of learning. Our FAST Start Sales Training is a world-renowned paid training that is exclusive to Authorized Xerox Sales Agents.

All the knowledge you will need to get selling is broken down into units which are comprised of online courses, experimental and written exercises, simulations and in-depth mentorship. This personalized mentorship allows the creative process to take place in a group setting and one-on-one. Through comprehensive and structured training, you will learn how products, software and services deliver workflow automation to solve real-world business problems.

Following are the three pillars to the learning program for Xerox Authorized Agents.

The Fast Learner Program – Virtual Phase

This is a virtual training program that runs for two weeks in duration with the support of instructor led conference calls that involve you, your fellow learners and your course facilitator.

“I really enjoyed my experience with the Sales Training. I had no previous knowledge of printing devices, the printing industry or cloud computing services. I can confidently say that after this training, I have a thorough understanding of the innovative ways Authorized Xerox Sales Agencies penetrate the market in all kinds of industries. Each step in the training process is logically and carefully constructed to ensure that we are all successful.”

Molly Schutzer, Xerox Authorized Agent – HubTGI

The Fast Learner Program – In-Class Phase

The In-Class Phase follows the Virtual Phase of the Fast Learner Program. This comprehensive, one-week program is classroom based and encompasses all aspects of sales. This includes, but is not limited to:  prospecting, structuring your sales cycle; articulating the value of a full spectrum of products and solutions; sales cycle management; handling objections; closing. All learning material is supported by either demos or case studies.

“The Sales Training was a terrific experience! Very informative and educational and by far the best sales training I have ever received. The engagement and role play exercises were exceptional and forced us to step outside of our comfort zone. It is one thing to learn theory, but then being able to practice it in a simulated stress-free environment was immensely beneficial.” 

Brendan Costello, Xerox Authorized Agency – Red X Technologies

The Agent Mentor Program (AMP)

At the end of the In-Class Phase, you will be introduced to the Agent Mentor Program (AMP). Your Mentor is available for weekly one-on-one time and is a key resource whose goal is to help ensure – and celebrate – your successes. Importantly, your Mentor is also available on an as-needed basis to answer specific questions, join calls or to support an active sales cycle.  Your Xerox Sales Agency is fully committed to your development and the learning never ends – through lunch and learns, ongoing sales training, and full access to over 2000 relevant enhancement online courses.

“The experience was extremely insightful. I believe that it was a privilege to learn from an industry professional and learn specific, yet diverse, skillsets to manage different clients in different situations. The peer support was incredible, and the learning experience was truly ‘one of a kind’. Overall Xerox Sales School was an amazing experience”

James Ho, Xerox Authorized Agency – West X